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Dalton Lien Services, Inc. was founded in 1955 by Ann Bennett. Jan Dalton, Ann's daughter took over the business in the mid 1960's, and continued the tradition of honest, personal, professional services. Lien sales were just one of the registration services that were available. Jan Dalton did every type registration services, and quickly became an expert in the field. Jan Dalton was involved as a consultant in the beginnings of many vehicle-centric empires, and has helped create California legislation, and has even served as an expert witness.

By 1995, Jan Dalton's son, Robert Dalton, joined the company. Joined by other family members and friends, Robert Dalton set off to set the standard of quality in California lien sales. Robert used his technical expertise combined with the support of Jan Dalton's knowledge to create a highly automated and extremely accurate lien sale process. In addition, Dalton was the first, and continues to be the only lien sale service in California that offers same day service in California.

As an added bonus for being a Dalton Lien Service customer, Tow Dawg Software was made available to clients. Tow Dawg was a win-win situation. Clients receive excellent, easy to use software that integrates with Dalton Lien Services, Inc., and Dalton receives an efficient, accurate method for receiving data.

In 1999, Robert Dalton was approached by a trusted family friend, Cindy Drake, who was interested in purchasing the business. Knowing that Cindy Drake was committed to continuing the Dalton tradition of honesty and customer service, an agreement was reached, and Cindy Drake took over the business. Within a short while, Cindy had not only continued to provide excellent service to all existing customers, but she had managed to grow the business while maintaining strict quality controls.

As always, Dalton Lien Services still offers small town service to all customers, large and small. Dalton continues to employ family and trusted friends, all committed to providing the best lien sale service possible. More and more, Cindy Drake receives help from her three daughters in all aspects of the business. Someday the business may pass to them, and they will continue the tradition of honesty, integrity and quality.

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