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Our Mission…To provide California tow companies, repair shops and storage facilities with accurate lien sales

Why choose Dalton? We use only on-line vehicle printout services, which allows us to process vehicles very fast—often the same day! On-line printouts not only are faster, but also more accurate than over night service, and they include fee calculations. We fax or email back confirmation of lien sale mailing, allowing you to charge the second half of the lien fee immediately. We custom tailor our services to fit your needs.

How much do we charge? Because we are experts at what we do, and because we utilize technology for maximum efficiency, out services are competitively priced. As we custom-tailor our services to meet your needs, pricing is quoted on an individual basis.

What services do we offer? We provide a full line of vehicle and vessel lien sales throughout California, title transfer of lien sale vehicles, as well as consultation and audit services.

Need another good reason? We are a certified partner of Tow Dawg Software. Tow Dawg manages lot inventory, creates invoices, manages multiple towing and agency profiles, and automates customer billing. Tow Dawg is simple to use and automatically prepares and sends lien sale information to Dalton for processing. Special pricing is available to Dalton Clients!


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