Installing the Software

Insert the disk in the CD-Rom drive of your computer. Tow Dawg has an auto-launch feature and will automatically install and place the icon on your desktop. When the login screen appears, select User Admin and type "pass" for the password.

The software has an on-line licensing agreement. If the terms and conditions are agreeable, select I Agree and proceed. If the terms and conditions are not agreeable, please return the software to Mad Dawg Software. The system will not complete installation unless the licensing agreement is accepted.

The program installation automatically links to a blank database. If you would like to practice with a sample database, follow the instructions in Section 2. You can practice all you want in the sample database. When you are ready to go "live" make sure you are linked to the "Data" file and move onto Step 3. You always have the option to re-link to the sample data for further practice.

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