Our Software Model

The Tow Dawg software model allows our software to be highly automated while adapting to your business.

Lists Menu

Lists are the heart and soul of Tow Dawg. By setting up your items, Tow Dawg can respond to the needs of each individual tow.

Reports Menu

80+ reports to print all types of details about your operation. There is also the ability to customize and hide reports.

Tow Detail Screen

Details of the tow. In one easy to read screen, see all information related to an individual call.

Main Menu/Tow Log

  • Tow Log - Quick acocunt of Tows
  • Search - Highly flexible screen for finding tows on varied information or generating list of vehicles.
  • New Call - Input new tows.
  • Dispatch - Manage new calls and drivers on a "live" basis.

    Batch Operations Menu

    Batch operations take the pain out of managing large amounts of data. With a single click of the mouse, you can accurately process many records very quickly.

    Company Information Menu

    Set up your company, security, employees, as well as do back ups and maintenance of the software.
  • Free Trial
    Try our software free for 30 days!
  • Personalized Company Information
  • Customized Program Lists
  • Detailed Call Entry
  • Viewing Inventory
  • Tracking Driver Tickets
  • Dispatch/Active Calls
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  • 5 Star Registration
    Just like man's best friend, 5 Star Registration is Tow Dawg's best friend. 5 Star offers California lien sales, most with same day service at a competitive price. 5 Star works together with Tow Dawg to produce accurate and easy lien sale paperwork with reliable service.
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