About Us

Tow Dawg was created in the late 1990's primarily as a means for Dalton Lien Services, Inc. to better support their lien sale clients. In its infancy, Tow Dawg was created by blending the towing business expertise of Cindy Drake, who at the time was managing a bustling towing company, with the creative programming and interface skills of Steven Dahl, lead programmer for Dalton Lien Services, Inc. Through the years, Tow Dawg has evolved to be an extremely robust and flexible towing software package. By responding to customer feedback along with a creative flair for a versitle, easy solution, Tow Dawg continues to evolve as a feature rich, easy to use software.

Though conceived as a support tool for lien sale processing, Tow Dawg has be refined and improved to a point that many customers throughout the USA find that Tow Dawg is the best software for their business. Tow Dawg, above all, is easy to use, and flexible enough for accomodate each individual business, instead of the business adapting to the software.

Tow Dawg


  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • Complete
  • Backed by honest people dedicated to excellence and service.

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  • Personalized Company Information
  • Customized Program Lists
  • Detailed Call Entry
  • Viewing Inventory
  • Tracking Driver Tickets
  • Dispatch/Active Calls
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  • 5 Star Registration
    Just like man's best friend, 5 Star Registration is Tow Dawg's best friend. 5 Star offers California lien sales, most with same day service at a competitive price. 5 Star works together with Tow Dawg to produce accurate and easy lien sale paperwork with reliable service.
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