Call Details

Vehicle Detail Form:

All relevant vehicle information is entered onto this form. It is imperative that all information is entered accurately. The basic information is imported from the original Call Log. If information was omitted on the original log, it can be entered here. Short descriptions of fields to be entered are as follows:

  • Call #- Auto-generated number that identifies call.
  • Log # - Optional user-defined reference number. (frequently used for driverís ticket number)
  • PO# - Option user-defined reference number
  • DR# - Optional user-defined reference number (intended for Police reference number).
  • Ent By - Employees name that entered call.
  • Hold - Check if vehicle is on hold. If checked, vehicle cannot be released without notes. This field is intended for vehicles that should not be released without special permission.
  • Wait - Check if vehicle is waiting and should not be processed. Vehicle will not be available for lien sale when checked, but can be released.
  • Reason - Reason for call.
  • Agency - Agency that requested tow
  • Vehicle Type - Enter type (Auto, MC, Boat, Large or X-Large). This list cannot be edited. Defaults to auto.
  • Driver - Driver that conducted tow, must be one from list Truck - Truck that conducted tow, must be one from list
  • Times- Entered from original Call Log. The total tow time is the difference between dispatch and call completed time. Times must be input in the proper format. The apply charges button will warn if charges are not in chronological order.
  • Vin: Vehicle Identification Number - All 17 digit VINís will be screened for validity, and if invalid, will warn and display in red until corrected. On most vehicles, make will be automatically filled in after the VIN entry (from 1981 on).
  • Eng# - For use with motorcycles. CA-DMV requires engine number on all motorcycle lien sales.
  • Lic# - Vehicle license number. It is advised to enter "none" if vehicle has no plate. Blank entry indicates no entry, not no plate.
  • St - State that issued license number. Automatically defaults to state you operate your business in.
  • Lic. Year - last year of registration.
  • Year - Two-digit year vehicle was manufactured.
  • Make - Make of vehicle entered automatically after VIN entered.
  • Model - Model of vehicle (select from list).
  • Body - Body type (list cannot be edited)
  • Color - Vehicle color.
  • Unit# - Use to track vehicle keys or unit # for fleet accounts
  • Pp? - Check if you take personal property out of the vehicle for safekeeping. When vehicle is released a reminder will flash.
  • Remark - Used to note condition of vehicle, i.e. burned, requires flatbed, etc.
  • Odom - optional, used for odometer reading.
  • Towed From - Dispatch location for call.
  • Towed To - Location vehicle was towed to. If vehicle wasnít towed use Road Service Only. Field must have entry.
  • Miles To - miles traveled to the vehicle for service, must be populated if agency is identified as club.
  • Miles Towed - miles vehicle was towed, field must be populated if agency is identified as club.
  • Impound - reason vehicle impounded.
  • Avl Date - Date vehicle will be available to release from impound. Automatically populated if impound reason selected has hold days.
  • Note - anything you want to put, these notes will not show on the invoice, but will be sent on text pages.
  • Critical - Check this box if notes are critical for this call. When checked a message box will display the notes any time detail is viewed.
  • Lien Date - Date vehicle was sent to lien sale.
  • Lien Msg - any notes regarding the lien should be entered here.
  • Verify By - If the verification box in program constants inside company info is checked, employee who verified vehicle must be selected before it will appear in the pink section of start liens.
  • Clear Date - Date lien sale clears, otherwise known as auction date or sale date. This field is automatically populated through batch operations, lien clear dates, but can also be hand typed.
  • Val - Lien Sale value of vehicle "-" indicates junk lien, "S" indicates standard lien (less than $4,000) and "+" indicates value over $4,000. Or "S" indicates regular lien and "+" indicates late model.
  • Date Sold - Automatically populates through batch operations, batch lien sales. Will appear yellow when you enter detail after vehicle is sold.
  • Pink - Automatically places date title was turned over by owner through the release screen.
  • Inv. # - Once a record has been invoiced the invoice # will appear here automatically.
  • Apply Charges - Click the apply charges button to automatically apply towing, road service, and storage charges. Call will not be marked as complete until this button is pressed. Information will be validated and if key information is missing, a warning will be issued and charges will not compute. Additional charges can be manually entered or edited. Storage charges will recalculate each time the form is opened until the vehicle is released.
  • Add - Click to add additional charges if necessary after initial charges are applied.
  • Edit - Click to edit charges if necessary. Must have data manager access to edit charges.
  • Rlse Date - Date vehicle was released. Will display in red if released. NOTE: When a vehicle is released, all fields will be locked unless Unlock is clicked and the administrator password is entered. This is intended to prevent changes to a completed record.
  • Rlse Auth - Automatically populated from release screen. Indicates what paperwork was shown to authorize release of vehicle. List can be edited in Lists, Release Authority.
  • By - Indicates employee who released vehicle. Automatically populated with employee who is logged on computer at time of release.
  • Print Property Removal Slip - When a name is highlighted in ownerís information and this button is clicked a Property Removal Slip will print.
  • Owners Info - registered owner (RO), legal owner (LO), interested party (IP), insurance company (IS) or buyer (B). RP is for release party and box is automatically checked through release.
  • Unlock - Once a vehicle has been invoiced all details are locked. Click unlock button and enter pass code to edit record. Must have data manager access.
  • Delete - delete entire call, must have data manager access.
  • Cancel - cancel call, must have data manager access.
  • Print - print call statement
  • Release - click button to open invoice & release screen
  • Invoices - click button to open invoice screen to view previously created invoices or to invoice one call to two separate parties.
  • Close - click button to close call details screen.

    Entering Inventory:

    To enter vehicles already in you inventory go to Main Menu select Tow Log then select New. Enter in as much information as you can at this point and then select Open Details. For vehicles already in your inventory you will need to manually enter the five dispatch details (Received, Dispatch, Arrival, Start and Complete). Once all information is entered the vehicle will appear on the Towing Log. Double clicking any record on the Tow Log will open the Vehicle Detail.
    Once you have entered all vehicles in inventory, you are ready to accept calls for dispatch.

    New Calls/Dispatch:

  • When a call comes in select New from Main Menu.
  • A Call Number and the Call Recíd box will automatically be populated with values.
  • Fill in all information currently available (this can be edited later, the idea is to get the record started quickly).
  • When information is complete a new record will appear in the Dispatch/Active Calls form under the Main Menu.
  • Select Dispatch and you will be able to see all active calls. To enter dispatch information, select your call. The information on this form is always sorted by the call-received time. Vehicles will remain on this list until a Call Completed time is entered.
  • When the tow truck is dispatched, press F9.
  • When the truck arrives, press F10.
  • When the truck begins towing, press F11.
  • When the call has been completed, press F12.
  • The car will now appear in the Towing Log.
  • From the Main Menu select Towing Log. Double clicking on a record from the Towing Log will open the Vehicle Detail form where you can enter the rest of the call/vehicle information.

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