Searching, Viewing & Modifying

Searching for Inventory:

  • The Search form is an effective tool to help locate vehicles in inventory and for printing reports. You can search for vehicles in the Tow Log by any of the Vehicle Search Fields.
  • From the Main Menu select Search.
  • You can enter any combination of search criteria, but only one field is necessary. You may use the wildcard characters in your search (* can be used to replace any number of characters, while a ? can be used to replace as single character).
  • Click Search to begin search.
  • Double clicking on the located record will bring up the Vehicle Detail screen.

    Quick Jump:

    The Quick Jump located at the top right of your screen can be used if you have definite information that will return with only one answer. For instance, if you key in the call number, it will bring you straight into the call detail. Be careful when searching by VIN or plate number because if you have had the same car twice, it will bring it up only one record, whereas the search screen will bring up both.

    Viewing Inventory: The Towing Log is the primary window for viewing inventory. Lists can be filtered to show only vehicles of interest. Lists can be sorted in either ascending or descending order (sort is shown by the small black arrow on the column header) by clicking any column heading.

    From the Show area on the Tow Log select one of the following filters:

  • All - shows all vehicles in data base
  • Inventory - shows vehicles in impound inventory. Pending calls and calls towed to a non-impound location are not included
  • Released - shows all vehicles that have been released
  • Hold - shows all vehicles that have not been released which have the hold box checked.
  • Incomplete - all vehicles with Call Completed time that have no charges applied
  • In Transit - all calls that do not have a Call Completed Time
  • To Bill - all calls that are complete but are not impounded and do not have a release date (indicated as not billed)
  • Lien Sale - all vehicles with a lien start date that have not been sold/released.
  • To Lien - all impounded calls older than 72 hours that do not have a lien start date. Excludes "Hold" vehicles. Select the Search button. All vehicles requested from the filter will appear. You can bring up the Vehicle Detail Screen by double clicking on a vehicle. Clicking on the New button will bring up the New Record form. Clicking the Dispatch button will bring up the Dispatch/Active call form. Clicking the Report button will bring up the Vehicle Log report that contains the same filter as the current Towing Log.

    Modifying Inventory:

  • You can modify inventory listed in the Tow Log at any time.
  • Click Tow Log from the Main Menu.
  • Double click on the vehicle record you wish to modify.
  • Update the information in the Vehicle Detail Form.
  • Click the Close button and information will be updated.

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