Billing & Accounts Receivable


Once the completed time has been entered, either through dispatch or in call details, the vehicle will appear in the tow log under the Incomplete heading. This is where they wait for the driverís to turn in the applicable paperwork so the call detail can be completed. Once the Apply Charges button has been selected, the call will either show in Inventory or To Bill.

If the tow to location is an impound facility then the call will show in Inventory and storage will accrue. The invoice will not be created until the vehicle is released or sold.

If the tow to location is not an impound facility the call will show in To Bill. You must make sure this bucket stays clear. From the call details screen select the Invoices button at the bottom of the page. Select Invoicee Type (usually either commercial account or agency). Select Invoice To. Click the Create Invoice button. It will give you the option to print.

Creating Customer Statements:

From the menu at the top of your screen, choose financial, then select invoices. From the customer pull down select no filter for all customers, the program defaults to invoices with a balance greater than zero. Click apply filter and then click print. A dialogue box will appear and ask what type of statement you want.

Applying Customer Payments:

From the menu at the top of your screen, choose financial, then select apply payment. Choose the customer by typing the beginning of their name and then select them from the list as they pop up. Payment date defaults to current date. Choose payment type; enter check number if applicable and payment amount. The computer will apply the payment to the oldest open invoices. Edit as necessary and click the apply payment button at the bottom left corner of screen.

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