Batch Operations

From the Main Menu select Batch Operations. Available buttons are as follows:

Start Liens/Export:

  • Criteria - Vehicles that have been in an impound facility for the number of days specified in company set-up, and have no start lien date, will appear on the start liens screen.
  • Invalid/Wait - The pink screen located at the bottom is for vehicles that are missing or have wrong information. Click the invalid log button to print the vehicles that are ready to lien that have problems report. This report is a great tool to walk the yard with. If you single click a vehicle to highlight it, the reason it is invalid will appear in the reason field at the bottom of the screen. You can double click the vehicle or click the edit button to go to the call detail screen to make edits. Once you have made the corrections, click the refresh/validate button on the right side of screen and the vehicle(s) will move to the yellow screen at the top.
  • Ready to Send - The yellow screen located at the top is for vehicles that are completely ready to lien. When you click the send liens button the start lien fee in company set-up will automatically be applied to the record and the lien date in the call details will automatically be date stamped. It will give you the option to print the start lien report, which can be faxed or emailed to your lien agent. Once this is done, the vehicles will appear in clear dates/import where they are awaiting the auction date.

    Clear Dates/Import:

  • Criteria - All records without clear dates that have a lien start date.
  • Clear Dates/Import - Click one or more vehicles to highlight selected vehicles. Type clear date (auction date) in the empty field next to the add clear dates button at the lower left corner of screen. Click the add clear dates button. Once this is done it will date stamp the record with the clear date and add charges as determined in company information. Hit Close to exit.
  • Import Lien Info - This is for California clients only. Contact Dalton Lien Services, Inc. for further instructions.

    Batch Lot Transfer:

    Transfer multiple cars from one lot to another using this feature. This form will move one or more records from one storage lot to another. Select the lot to move from and to in the From Lot and To Lot boxes at the top of the screen. Select vehicles to be moved by clicking on the vehicle to highlight it. Click Move Vehicles to complete the transfer.

    Export to QuickBooks:

  • Export to QuickBooks - Export invoice data to QuickBooks using the Export tab. When this is clicked, Tow Dawg will prompt for a password. After the password is entered, a file dialog box will appear. Select a name and location for the export file. The file will be created and will contain all data not previously exported. You will have the option to export invoices or payments or both. When you import them into QuickBooks each invoice and each payment will appear as though you entered them manually.

    Batch Lien Sale Processing:

    Process - Will record monies received from sale, print receipt for buyer, release vehicle from inventory and update record with sold dates and buyers information.
  • Criteria - Lien sale date in right corner defaults to current date. Vehicles with clear date (auction date) equal to current date or prior will appear on the list. Select the options enter the buyer, sale amount and method of payment. Click the Process Batch Sale at the bottom of the screen.


    See Section 7 Billing & Accounts Receivable.

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